Erased by Earthquake.Rendered in Photoshop

Erased by Earthquake
This is the old freeway that ran along the Embarcadero in San Francisco.
Rendered in Photoshop
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"I learned about the Photoshop Workshops, from several colleagues who convinced me there was no better way to learn this complex program. The class was well organized, taught in a comfortable, relaxed learning environment. The approach was very helpful in encouraging questions. The most important parts of the program were broken down and taught in a way that made it easy to apply and retain.

I have nothing but the highest regard for David Wolf’s Photoshop course. I learned more from these four days than a whole quarter of Photoshop at UC Davis. The knowledge I gained will be beneficial to my career. Highly recommended to anyone interested in Photoshop.”

Hollie J. Smith
Francis Krahe & Assoc.
Architectural Lighting Design
San Francisco, CA

Adobe Photoshop is the essential tool of today's digital toolbox, a key component of any creative endeavor from print to the web, architecture to advertising, fashion to photography.

As an essential companion to any CAD program, Photoshop allows you to sketch, render, create visual studies and even construct 3D space, making it a core tool of the Architects Toolbox. From portfolios to web graphics, Photoshop is the tool of choice. If you learn to do just one thing on a computer, this should be it.

As a professional photographer, I found the Photoshop Workshops invaluable. The hands-on approach gave me an understanding no books could, with David’s Pyramid Approach being key to the process. As my understanding increased, it has translated into better images, improved workflow and more satisfied clients. And the coffee is pretty good too!”
Rory Earnshaw

Learn the fundamentals of digital image editing. Whether you’re new to Photoshop or have been using it for years, this course unravels its core components, including levels, pixels, color control, cloning, selections, retouching, navigation and preferences. 6 hours. Click here for course outline and description of the case studies in this workshop.

Unlock the power of montaging and collaging images. We cover the nuances of layer masks, adjustment layers, gradients, layer effects, text and shadows. This workshop completes the introductory overview. 6 hours. Click here for course outline and description of the case studies in this workshop.

Take your knowledge to the next level. We cover curves, the vector-based pen tool, actions, histories, filters, texture-maps and channels. We also review the Ferry Building Case-Study (see web site for complete details). 6 hours. Click here for course outline and description of the case studies in this workshop.

Extend your knowledge of Photoshop to the Web. We cover the Web features both of Photoshop 7.0, and ImageReady 7.0, a companion program with tools for optimizing graphics, mouse-overs, animations, slicing and exporting html and more. 6 hours. Click here for course outline and description of the case studies in this workshop.

Offered weeknights (7-10pm), weekends (11am-6pm).
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Workshop Schedule

$825 for four workshops 1-4

($675 for three workshops

$495 for two six-hour Photoshop workshops

$325 for one six- hour Photoshop workshop

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Visa and Mastercard accepted.

"As Art Director of KGO TV, I’ve worked in broadcast graphic design for over 15 years. I found these workshops online along with several others. Though I was initially concerned the instruction might be for architects only, my gut instinct was that these were not typical photoshop classes and that the approach would be different. My instincts were right: the approaches and techniques apply to any creative professional.

I enjoyed David’s approach-he’s an excellent teacher, with a fun, easygoing style. The notebook provided was clear and concise. I highly recommend classes from Architects Toolbox.”

Mary-Beth Ray
Art Director KGO-TV
San Francisco, CA

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