There are four ways to learn: doing, reading, class, tutor.

If you want to learn form•Z or bonzai3D, you really have four options: learning by doing, reading, taking a class or having someone show you. Though each approach is key, each also has limitations. You want learning by doing, but not the expensive ‘needle-in-a-haystack’ hunt to accomplish each step as you design, steps that should take seconds can take an hour. You want a book, but you don’t really want the limitation of reading static words describing dynamic operations. You want a class, but not the drinking-from-a-firehose quality of a group workshop. Finally, you want a tutor to show you directly, but not have to pay the hourly rate of someone who knows what they’re doing.

The FormZone Learning System for formZ and bonzai3d is a hybrid of these four approaches.

Download the pdf brochure for an overview of both the traditional classroom based Group Workshops and the new One-on-One Workshops, which can be taken anywhere in the world. As shown to the right, Brochures B-D take you through the parts and pieces of the learning system.