I have been teaching form•Z and Photoshop since 1996.

Traveling around the United States to teach workshops and give private lessons in a shoulder-to-shoulder fashion, instruction is invariably characterized by a “move the cursor to the left, more to the left, keep going, more, no, too far, back to the right, a little further, ok, pass me the mouse and I’ll show you.” Likewise, tech support over the phone is an exercise in frustration.

Like a driving lesson in a car with two steering wheels, the Live-Interactive Link connects our two computers together—anywhere in the world—allowing an instantaneously interactive back-and-forth as we both view and control your computer at the same time. While the visual and two-way control occur by the internet, our audio connection is either by phone or internet.

Because the back-and-forth is instantaneously interactive, the Live-Interactive Link is far more elegant than the clumsy “give me the mouse” of sitting side-by-side. Instead of hours of time, you get what you really want and need: small blocks of time on demand, giving you unlimited access to David Wolf 12-hours per day, 7-days per week, 8am to 8pm (Pacific time). Call now for a free demo. Once you try it you will agree, Live-Interactive is the superior solution.

Role of Live-Interactive in Group Workshops

For the classroom-based form•Z Demystified Group Workshops the Live-Interactive link is used for a pre-workshop session known as Skillset Segment #1, which gets you ready for a conventional live group computer
class. Afterwards, the Live-Interactive Link is used to provide follow-up support in the two weeks after the workshops. See Brochure D for complete details regarding the workshops.

Role of Live-Interactive in One-on-One Workshops

In the Group Workshops, you can reasonably expect to get about an hour of David’s time over the five days of training along with hours of other people’s questions.
In the One-on-One Workshops, you get an unlimited amount of time with David, 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Each “day” (or module) of training is spread out over a two week period, which also gets rid of the drinking-from-afirehose quality of the Group Workshops. Together with the hybrid nature of the
learning system, it is the use of the Live-Interactive Link in the One-on-One version of the Demystified Workshops that most fully leverages the full power and
potential of the doing-reading-class-tutor hybrid. See Brochure D for complete details regarding the workshops.