The Architects Toolbox Demystified Books began in 1996 as six pages of notes to accompany workshops.

Each time the workshops were offered they were refined and added to in response to client feedback, slowly transforming into a stand alone series covering the intuition behind the logic of both form•Z and now bonzai3d.

The books are densely laid out in 14”x8.5” format, room to describe and delineate core concepts with one idea per page. On average, 2-3 times the content per page of the average computer book.

Color-coded according to the 5-Step approach, each book has external laminated tabs and a unique framework that utilizes iconography, detailed annotations, check-boxes and other innovative devices.

There are three books in the series: Modeling Demystified, RenderZone Demystified and Animation Demystified. They can be purchased together as one document in the Compendium Package.

Each is available in editions formatted to describe the different interfaces but common concepts available in bonzai3D Edition, Classic form•Z Interface Edition, and the Architects Toolbox 5-Step Interface for form•Z Edition.

While the come with a guarantee of excellence, they still describe dynamic information with static words and annotations. In both Group and One-on-One Workshops, David takes you through the books dynamically on computer so that all you have to do is speed read through what you were just shown and leaving you with the ultimate tabbed reference.

Though the Demystified Books are ever-evolving “living documents”—as stand alone tutorials Animation Demystified will be released first, RenderZone Demystified and Modeling Demystified, will then be revised for form•Z 7.0. The Compendium Edition includes all three books bound as one (currently over 450 pages), is also available. See the Demystified Books Movie at for more details.