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AutoDesSys, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio has been producing form•Z since 1991. Out of this experience they have created a new modeling tool called bonzai3d, an exciting new approach to three-dimensional design that is remarkable in its ease of use, precision and affordability.

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Amazingly Simple
with Simply Amazing Results


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"Ten Reason's You're Going to Love bonzai3d"

Version 2.0 of bonzai3d adds new modeling tools along with the abiltiy to achieve
photorealistic renderings using the RenderZone plug-in.

Check out the Architects Toolbox bonzai3d brochure for complete details.

Also, check out the AutoDesSys bonzai3d movies below.

Part II continues with reasons 6-10, covering a broad range of features that mak bonzai3d
both easy to use and powerful in its depth of sophistication.